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Our Story

Born out of a family where both her Grandmothers were known for doing exquisite needlework and dressmaking, it was inevitable that Marinda was intrigued by needlework since her childhood. Though she never really liked it during her school years, she started very passionately when her father bought her her first machine at the age of 21. She taught herself how to sew, crochet and knit and later on was introduced to quilting after visiting their dear friends (who emigrated to the US) in 1998. She was hooked immediately and also attended a few classes in the US about the basic quilting techniques. 


Raising 4 children kept her so busy later on through the years that she had to quit needlework and after they were all off to University and boarding school, she picked up the quilting ropes again. She became known in Villiersdorp for her quilting projects and was asked by the ladies of the town in 2012 to teach them how to quilt.  She saw the need for classes and the therapy that quilting provides.


Country Quilting opened it’s doors for the first time on 1 November 2012. Since then she never looked back and loves to assist each customer in choosing the correct fabric and colour for her project. Many classes were given through the years and she is probably best known for teaching the Tuffet Class. She just loves to help each quilter selecting the colours. 


The motto of the shop is “A Creative mind is a Happy mind”. That is really what quilting does for her and what she believes in passing on to each and everyone who enters this delightful and charming little country shop. 

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